Nutella twists

I cannot resist the temptations! 😋💛🍞🍫

Chef in disguise

Nutella twists by chef in disguise. They are actually much easier to make than what they seem

Beauty surrounded the Daring Bakers this month as our host, Sawsan, of chef in disguise, challenged us to make beautiful, filled breads. Who knew breads could look as great as they taste?

Yup! I was the host of this month’s daring bakers challenge 🙂 and it could not have come at a better time. This month my blog turns 3 and what better way to celebrate the occasion that doing it with homemade bread?

Nutella twists by chef in disguise. They are actually much easier to make than what they seem

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Pao de Queijo (irresistible Brazilian cheese bread)

Chef in disguise

Irresistible Brazilian cheese bread..pao de queijo

This month’s Daring Bakers’ Challenge took us on a trip to beautiful Brazil! Renata of “Testado, Provado & Aprovado!” taught us how to make Pao De Queijo, tasty cheese buns that make the perfect snack or treat, and that will make your taste buds samba!

Pao De Queijo (  Pão means bread; Queijo means cheese) if you are not familiar with it, is a very popular Brazilian bread that doesn’t rely on yeast for leavening. It also  uses tapioca starch (flour) instead of wheat flour for its main ingredient and that makes it gluten free.

When Renata  posted the challenge I was both curious and excited. I have never worked with tapioca starch before and I wasn’t even sure that I will be able to find it here in Amman but I knew that any challenge posted by Renata will be an amazing one (Renata is one of the…

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Chinese Orchestra.

Here comes a week of term break. Not really used to this holiday cause I’ve been staying at my hostel for quite of the days and now I’m back here at home. I felt different. And of course, I need to spend my holidays wisely so I get to catch up with all the studies. A levels isn’t as easy as it seems, tho it doesn’t even seems easy 😒 Anyhow, first day of holidays is here and hehe, have to start of with Chemistry. But before that, I kinda wanna update my blog lahh sooooo bear with me for awhile. ✌


The most recent photo with my erhu.

I’ve started to join Chinese Orchestra when I was 13 and it was one of the highschool clubs. First time wasn’t easy guys. So I decided to take up the challenge. Of all the instruments, I chose Erhu (二胡). Why? Cause I was told to do so. My mum said I might have the chance to maybe jam with other cousins since they’re learning the same instruments. LOL. Tbh, I faced a lot of challenges in the journey. I had tons of fun, I met new friends each and every practise. I know how to overcome something that I’ve never gonna learn in school. We had practices, games, events, parties and concerts. Ahh those days in highschool. But so, everything changes during SPM. Cause I need to prepare to the upcoming exams, I kinda quit going to practices. Now, I rarely went back to school to join the practices there.


Part of my string family.

Tho it might seem sad, but heh, luckily my friend asked to join the orchestra club which was conducted by the same teacher. I’m so lucky till now I’m able to continue my desire. My interest to play music. I’ve joined Vivo Experimental Orchestra (VEO) since I was form 3. Yet, I gained lot more of experience by practicing and socializing. To me, VEO has been like a family to me. We go through ups and downs together. Our teacher, Ms Wumi, had become like a mother to us. From an innocent yet not knowing anything about life, to a mature yet thoughtful person. Every part of my music life, they brought me up through everything.


Our poster! 😍

2015, we started a new challenge. We wanted to conducted a string concert called “The String Chamber” (胡闹). Please come support us! 19th of April 2015, 3pm. You would not want to miss a chance like this heh. 🙆 A short little video here:

We went to sekinchan for a second mini concert there on 29th of March 2015. We hope to see you soon at seremban since our third mini concert is gonna to be held at there! See you soon! 💋💜


A day at sekinchan 💚

Action Plan.

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To me, this action plan is for me to set target and to monitor my own progress.

What goal do I most want to focus on right now?

– I want to excel in A levels and also at the same time, to excel in my co-curricular activities.

What good things might happen if I work toward this goal?

– If I excel in both academics and co-curricular activities, society will not accept me as a typical bookworm but as a whole complete person who knows in all aspects.

What difficult things might happen if I work toward this goal?

– I might have face problems in excelling both of it. It needs great efforts to excel both studies and co-curricular activities.

Who is your Support Network for this particular goal you have set?

– My parents, my friends, my teachers, my lecturers.

Identify any obstacles that may prevent you from achieving this goal.

– Time management may be the strongest obstacle that I might be facing.

Brainstrom what adjustments you can make in order to overcome these obstacles and stay on the path of achieving your goal.

– Plan a timetable to improve in time management.

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Never give up on anything.

Reflective Assignment 2.

1. What are the lessons I have learnt in this module?

  • I’ve learnt more about myself.
  • I know what are my goals and aims.
  • I know how to achieve my goals and aims by using the correct method.

2. I will apply the lessons I learnt in this module as a student from now on in the following ways:

  • I will use the SMART goal method to arrange my goals and try to achieve them.
  • I will use the SWOT to detect my strength, opportunities and also to overcome my weaknesses and threats.
  • I will use TGC skills in my daily life basis to improve my student life.

3. I will apply the lessons I have learnt in here as an individual from now on in the following ways:

  • I will use the personality tests’ results as a guidance to my future.
  • I will use TGC skills to improve my daily life basis.
  • I wil use the SWOT to increase my stregths, to overcome my weaknesses and difficulties.

My rate for learning from this course: 7

My rate for the application possibility of this session: 6

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Always reflect on ourselves. 😳

Reflective Essay.


My prefectorial board family.

Prefect life experiences.

Highschool life is a new thing for us who just stepped into it from primary school. Tho, I’ve joined the school’s prefectorial board. During these 5 years of journey being a prefect, I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve learnt how to communicate with others, I’ve learnt how to justify and solve problems, and also I’ve learnt to be a more disciplinary person. I’m really glad and satisfied that I’ve joined the prefectorial board.


Being a prefect, we need to be the best of the best to be leaders of the board, leaders of the school. To do so, one have to be good in interactions with the teachers and also the students.

From one who doesn’t really know how to communicate with others, I’ve become someone who knows are dares how to speak up and to communicate better with others.


Being a prefect isn’t easy as it seems. You actually need to work your brain a lot so that you can justify and solve problems in the school. Problems like how to maintain the disciplinary of the students, the school.

Throughout these 5 years, I’ve develop my mind from an immature thinking to a more mature thoughts by joining the prefectorial board.

I think it is very useful to have develop this skill as I can use it in the future. To think and to solve our own problems in our daily lifes and not be one of the society who always clings around others to get benefits all the time.


To be the bestest among all, it takes time. Things can’t be learnt in just a day. Its a lifelong learning and its also a lifelong experience.

I’ve met all sorts of friends, all sorts of situations and all sorts of difficulties and challenges. This might help to prepare me to face the cruelty of the future.


To be a prefect, one must be independant enough to solve minor problems oneself. One cannot be always counting on others to solve whatever minor problems unless it is a big problem where one needs helping hands from others.

I learnt to be more independant, to be a more responsible person. To not count on others all the time and always be independant when facing problems. Things are not for granted.

These TGC skills might help me to get prepare for my future. The future is always not as nice as it seems to be, so I need to get ready for it and be at the best when I need to face it.


We went for a trip. ✈⛵


Cause they were my favs 💕

Keep in touch my secret angels. 👼

Smart Goals 😤

There are reasons for us to set goals in our daily lifes. In order to do that, we’ll have to start setting a SMART goal for ourselves! 😎💪


What is a SMART goal? Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound. All of these aspects can help and lead us to accomplish our SMART goal.


My goal:

To be a better person and to succeed in daily life basis.

We need to be specific and also know the details of what do we want to accomplish. For example, I need to know how to be a better person. I also need to know steps to succeed in daily life basis. By being a nice yet intelligent person, I can get benefits from others and will not get fooled by others. To succeed in daily life basis, I need to start working hard by using the right method to succeed and to have a better future.


My goal:

To get flying colours.

“A levels is not easy to achieve flying colours.” – They say. But I’m sure that if we have the passion and the aim to achieve it, for sure we will get flying clours even if it is A levels. To do that, I need to revise daily and not last minute. I need to solve all the problems that I faced during classes in order not to be panic during exam periods.


In order to achieve our goals, our goal need to be attainable and standardized. We cannot tend to achieve something beyond our limits. Try to be ourselves and achieve something that we can achieve by measuring our limits first. Do not do something that we cannot do cause when we do something beyond our limits, we might not achieve what we want to achieve and might also ended up worse.

We also need to make our goals relevant to our life and lifestyles. For doctors, their goals should be:

“My goal is to find a cure for cancer”

instead of:

“My goal is to motivate all the cancer patients.”

We need to see which is the one goal that will provide help more and not surrounding the same area not solving the problem.


We need to make sure that we have a time set as a “dead line” so that our goal is not unending. This is to also let us keep track of goals that we have not achieve yet.

If goals aren’t reacheable, they aren’t worth making.


Qoute of the day.