Career Test.

Another day with test and stuffs. A personality test which links to the personality test on monday!? πŸ˜‘ And so, here are the results ✌



Somehow I became an introvet in just 2 days heh.



ISFJs are kind and warm-hearted people. You believe the best in people and treat others with kindness and consideration, as you value harmony and co-operation.

⬆Based on this result, you have no excuses not to know me HAHAHAHAHAHA! I will treat you as good as you’ll never regret! 😈

Career!? 😳

Career!? 😳

I don’t really like the careers that they suggested to me. The only career that I can accept is as a medical technologists. But meh, I dropped Physics, too bad.

Tho it lead to careers that does not really suits me, I will try the bestest of mine to change it. It will be done! Watch out world, here I come! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘


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