12th January 2015,

Sunny day. 🌞

This very first day of college literally changed my life. First time ever in my life stayed in a hostel, first ever time stepping in the society, and all alone. Luckily there are still friends from secondary school. We went into the MPH kinda stick tgt everytime. *cause its an unfamiliar place for us*

Still, we met new friends along the way! We had lunch tgt, we exchange phone numbers, we had fun knowing each other! 😝


Group photo during lunch.

From the left:

Jason, Shyen, Joe-ing, Junjet, You Zhen, Ruquan, Junwen, Qiqian

Still we keep in touch after our orientations tho we are not in the same class. My CAL lunch group.

22nd January 2015,

Sunny day. 🌞

Integration day starts. We were put into a different group, which is kinda follow our classes. Group 8. Oh no, what to do, I have no idea who are them. *well, time to make friends* 😀πŸ˜₯ One thing for sure, it is really hard for me to make new and permanant friends tho.

Luckily I found friends. They were those who are funny, crazy during free times, serious during studies. The ones who brought colours to my life.


Our very first lab session. Biology! πŸ”¬


Happy birthday Joyce! 🎈


Lunch with my boos πŸ’‹

Part of my friends I met in my class heh. I love them so much, cause they gave me the warmth and the care that I needed. Thank you for being such good friends! Wai Sik Gang forever babes!

They brought happiness, craziness. And most inportantly, they brought food HAHAHA! I mean, we share our food lahh like we travel around SS15 tgt to find awesome food heh. I know I have awesome friends and you don’t. Don’t jealous ✌

Though they might seem crazy and playful all the time, but of course during classes and towards study, they’re really focus and serious most of the time. They taught me when I faced problems in studies. There’s so much inside me cause no words can describe how much I love you all. πŸ’•πŸ’•

Of course, I hope the best of you guys and hope that we will have a chance to go outstation and travel tgt WHEEEEE! It’ll be fun Fun FUNNNNN! Can’t wait!



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