Action Plan.

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To me, this action plan is for me to set target and to monitor my own progress.

What goal do I most want to focus on right now?

– I want to excel in A levels and also at the same time, to excel in my co-curricular activities.

What good things might happen if I work toward this goal?

– If I excel in both academics and co-curricular activities, society will not accept me as a typical bookworm but as a whole complete person who knows in all aspects.

What difficult things might happen if I work toward this goal?

– I might have face problems in excelling both of it. It needs great efforts to excel both studies and co-curricular activities.

Who is your Support Network for this particular goal you have set?

– My parents, my friends, my teachers, my lecturers.

Identify any obstacles that may prevent you from achieving this goal.

– Time management may be the strongest obstacle that I might be facing.

Brainstrom what adjustments you can make in order to overcome these obstacles and stay on the path of achieving your goal.

– Plan a timetable to improve in time management.

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Never give up on anything.


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