Reflective Essay.


My prefectorial board family.

Prefect life experiences.

Highschool life is a new thing for us who just stepped into it from primary school. Tho, I’ve joined the school’s prefectorial board. During these 5 years of journey being a prefect, I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve learnt how to communicate with others, I’ve learnt how to justify and solve problems, and also I’ve learnt to be a more disciplinary person. I’m really glad and satisfied that I’ve joined the prefectorial board.


Being a prefect, we need to be the best of the best to be leaders of the board, leaders of the school. To do so, one have to be good in interactions with the teachers and also the students.

From one who doesn’t really know how to communicate with others, I’ve become someone who knows are dares how to speak up and to communicate better with others.


Being a prefect isn’t easy as it seems. You actually need to work your brain a lot so that you can justify and solve problems in the school. Problems like how to maintain the disciplinary of the students, the school.

Throughout these 5 years, I’ve develop my mind from an immature thinking to a more mature thoughts by joining the prefectorial board.

I think it is very useful to have develop this skill as I can use it in the future. To think and to solve our own problems in our daily lifes and not be one of the society who always clings around others to get benefits all the time.


To be the bestest among all, it takes time. Things can’t be learnt in just a day. Its a lifelong learning and its also a lifelong experience.

I’ve met all sorts of friends, all sorts of situations and all sorts of difficulties and challenges. This might help to prepare me to face the cruelty of the future.


To be a prefect, one must be independant enough to solve minor problems oneself. One cannot be always counting on others to solve whatever minor problems unless it is a big problem where one needs helping hands from others.

I learnt to be more independant, to be a more responsible person. To not count on others all the time and always be independant when facing problems. Things are not for granted.

These TGC skills might help me to get prepare for my future. The future is always not as nice as it seems to be, so I need to get ready for it and be at the best when I need to face it.


We went for a trip. ✈⛵


Cause they were my favs 💕

Keep in touch my secret angels. 👼


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