Smart Goals 😤

There are reasons for us to set goals in our daily lifes. In order to do that, we’ll have to start setting a SMART goal for ourselves! 😎💪


What is a SMART goal? Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound. All of these aspects can help and lead us to accomplish our SMART goal.


My goal:

To be a better person and to succeed in daily life basis.

We need to be specific and also know the details of what do we want to accomplish. For example, I need to know how to be a better person. I also need to know steps to succeed in daily life basis. By being a nice yet intelligent person, I can get benefits from others and will not get fooled by others. To succeed in daily life basis, I need to start working hard by using the right method to succeed and to have a better future.


My goal:

To get flying colours.

“A levels is not easy to achieve flying colours.” – They say. But I’m sure that if we have the passion and the aim to achieve it, for sure we will get flying clours even if it is A levels. To do that, I need to revise daily and not last minute. I need to solve all the problems that I faced during classes in order not to be panic during exam periods.


In order to achieve our goals, our goal need to be attainable and standardized. We cannot tend to achieve something beyond our limits. Try to be ourselves and achieve something that we can achieve by measuring our limits first. Do not do something that we cannot do cause when we do something beyond our limits, we might not achieve what we want to achieve and might also ended up worse.

We also need to make our goals relevant to our life and lifestyles. For doctors, their goals should be:

“My goal is to find a cure for cancer”

instead of:

“My goal is to motivate all the cancer patients.”

We need to see which is the one goal that will provide help more and not surrounding the same area not solving the problem.


We need to make sure that we have a time set as a “dead line” so that our goal is not unending. This is to also let us keep track of goals that we have not achieve yet.

If goals aren’t reacheable, they aren’t worth making.


Qoute of the day.


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