What is SWOT?

I was introduced to a term called SWOT. Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats. The aims of doing SWOT is to reveal our competitive advantages and to prepare ourselves for problems. We were asked to list out what are the SWOTs in us.



– Organised

– Independent

– Adaptable

– Caring

– Active in sports

#Well, I think I’m an organised person cause my study table, notes and all kinds of stuffs must be in the exact order and to be always clean. I cannot stand messy-ness. I’m kinda of an independent person cause I can do things myself and not clinging to others. I’m also an adaptable person because once I’ve moved into my hostel, I kinda grow up and need to adapt to the lifestyles here myself where there are no parents or siblings or relatives here to help. I also need to adapt myself in my college life so that I can be more comfortable in college lfe surroundings and to make more friends of course! I’m also a caring person. When my friends felt uneasiness, I’ll try my best to comfort them and asked if any help is needed. As a return, they’ll do the same to me. Btw, I don’t know whether active in sports is counted as a strength or not, so I’ll just categorized it under strength heh. I can do sports eventho I do not have the sport’s gene running in my family.



– emotional

– stage fright

– last minute work

– fearful

– do not cook

#I’m an emotional person where I can be quite frustrated at times when people do not understand me or misunderstood me. I can be also quite sensitive to those who complimenting or those who does not appreciate my work. I have stage fright which is also known as persistent phobia. I cannot perform well when I’m on the stage or when I’m giving a speech or presenting in front of the crowd. Besides, I also do last minute work cause I don’t really have an idea or concept during the period of time, so usually until last minute, I get to rush and hand in my work on time. I’m sometimes fearful of things when I imagine them in the bad prespective. Lastly, I do not know how to cook heh. 🙈 I’m bad at cooking at rarely cook tho.



– more friends

– confront fears

– meeting idols

– ideal universities

– ideal job

#I’m a caring person which gives me an opportunity to make more and more friends. Of course, I want friends who can bring benefits and help me along the way. Besides, I’m having weakness like stage fright, I’m also having the opportunity to confront my fear. And also, I wish to have an opportunity to meet my idol ➡ Mayday 💙 And of course, I would want opportunities to go to my ideal univresity and also to get an ideal job for my future.



– Politics

– Competition in society

– Smokers / Factories

– Friends

– Smart people

#Threats are those who might harm me either physically or psychologically. Politics nowadays are getting worse and it is affecting the whole population in our country. Somehow, competition in the society might be one of the factors that had made the politics became worse. On the other hand, smokers or factories which produces a lot of smoke and carbon monoxides pollute the air, causing the population to get sickness. All of these threats might have possibly affects me because I’m one of the population in this country. Moreover, I might have friends who have bad attitudes or friends who might not take their future as a serious matter, which might have affected me psychologically. Furthermore, smart students in my class which kinda drop my confidence in excelling in my studies. Eventho their drop my confidence, I need to stand up and stay strong to work harder and over-take them.

These are my SWOTs, how about yours? 😉


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