What is SWOT?

I was introduced to a term called SWOT. Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats. The aims of doing SWOT is to reveal our competitive advantages and to prepare ourselves for problems.Β We were asked to list out what are the SWOTs in us.



– Organised

– Independent

– Adaptable

– Caring

– Active in sports

#Well, I think I’m an organised person cause my study table, notes and all kinds of stuffs must be in the exact order and to be always clean. I cannot stand messy-ness. I’m kinda of an independent person cause I can do things myself and not clinging to others. I’m also an adaptable person because once I’ve moved into my hostel, I kinda grow up and need to adapt to the lifestyles here myself where there are no parents or siblings or relatives here to help. I also need to adapt myself in my college life so that I can be more comfortable in college lfe surroundings and to make more friends of course! I’m also a caring person. When my friends felt uneasiness, I’ll try my best to comfort them and asked if any help is needed. As a return, they’ll do the same to me. Btw, I don’t know whether active in sports is counted as a strength or not, so I’ll just categorized it under strength heh. I can do sports eventho I do not have the sport’s gene running in my family.



– emotional

– stage fright

– last minute work

– fearful

– do not cook

#I’m an emotional person where I can be quite frustrated at times when people do not understand me or misunderstood me. I can be also quite sensitive to those who complimenting or those who does not appreciate my work. I have stage fright which is also known as persistent phobia. I cannot perform well when I’m on the stage or when I’m giving a speech or presenting in front of the crowd. Besides, I also do last minute work cause I don’t really have an idea or concept during the period of time, so usually until last minute, I get to rush and hand in my work on time. I’m sometimes fearful of things when I imagine them in the bad prespective. Lastly, I do not know how to cook heh. πŸ™ˆ I’m bad at cooking at rarely cook tho.



– more friends

– confront fears

– meeting idols

– ideal universities

– ideal job

#I’m a caring person which gives me an opportunity to make more and more friends. Of course, I want friends who can bring benefits and help me along the way. Besides, I’m having weakness like stage fright, I’m also having the opportunity to confront my fear. And also, I wish to have an opportunity to meet my idol ➑ Mayday πŸ’™ And of course, I would want opportunities to go to my ideal univresity and also to get an ideal job for my future.



– Politics

– Competition in society

– Smokers / Factories

– Friends

– Smart people

#Threats are those who might harm me either physically or psychologically. Politics nowadays are getting worse and it is affecting the whole population in our country. Somehow, competition in the society might be one of the factors that had made the politics became worse. On the other hand, smokers or factories which produces a lot of smoke and carbon monoxides pollute the air, causing the population to get sickness. All of these threats might have possibly affects me because I’m one of the population in this country. Moreover, I might have friends who have bad attitudes or friends who might not take their future as a serious matter, which might have affected me psychologically. Furthermore, smart students in my class which kinda drop my confidence in excelling in my studies. Eventho their drop my confidence, I need to stand up and stay strong to work harder and over-take them.

These are my SWOTs, how about yours? πŸ˜‰



12th January 2015,

Sunny day. 🌞

This very first day of college literally changed my life. First time ever in my life stayed in a hostel, first ever time stepping in the society, and all alone. Luckily there are still friends from secondary school. We went into the MPH kinda stick tgt everytime. *cause its an unfamiliar place for us*

Still, we met new friends along the way! We had lunch tgt, we exchange phone numbers, we had fun knowing each other! 😝


Group photo during lunch.

From the left:

Jason, Shyen, Joe-ing, Junjet, You Zhen, Ruquan, Junwen, Qiqian

Still we keep in touch after our orientations tho we are not in the same class. My CAL lunch group.

22nd January 2015,

Sunny day. 🌞

Integration day starts. We were put into a different group, which is kinda follow our classes. Group 8. Oh no, what to do, I have no idea who are them. *well, time to make friends* 😀πŸ˜₯ One thing for sure, it is really hard for me to make new and permanant friends tho.

Luckily I found friends. They were those who are funny, crazy during free times, serious during studies. The ones who brought colours to my life.


Our very first lab session. Biology! πŸ”¬


Happy birthday Joyce! 🎈


Lunch with my boos πŸ’‹

Part of my friends I met in my class heh. I love them so much, cause they gave me the warmth and the care that I needed. Thank you for being such good friends! Wai Sik Gang forever babes!

They brought happiness, craziness. And most inportantly, they brought food HAHAHA! I mean, we share our food lahh like we travel around SS15 tgt to find awesome food heh. I know I have awesome friends and you don’t. Don’t jealous ✌

Though they might seem crazy and playful all the time, but of course during classes and towards study, they’re really focus and serious most of the time. They taught me when I faced problems in studies. There’s so much inside me cause no words can describe how much I love you all. πŸ’•πŸ’•

Of course, I hope the best of you guys and hope that we will have a chance to go outstation and travel tgt WHEEEEE! It’ll be fun Fun FUNNNNN! Can’t wait!


Career Test.

Another day with test and stuffs. A personality test which links to the personality test on monday!? πŸ˜‘ And so, here are the results ✌



Somehow I became an introvet in just 2 days heh.



ISFJs are kind and warm-hearted people. You believe the best in people and treat others with kindness and consideration, as you value harmony and co-operation.

⬆Based on this result, you have no excuses not to know me HAHAHAHAHAHA! I will treat you as good as you’ll never regret! 😈

Career!? 😳

Career!? 😳

I don’t really like the careers that they suggested to me. The only career that I can accept is as a medical technologists. But meh, I dropped Physics, too bad.

Tho it lead to careers that does not really suits me, I will try the bestest of mine to change it. It will be done! Watch out world, here I come! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘

Learning style Quiz

Second day started of with the usual attendance and then, again with the learning styles thingy again heh. βœ‹


Technically the second results of my learning styles.

Results shown that I’m an auditory learner HAHAHAHA! Tbh, I prefer listening then reading. Reading isn’t really my stuff cause I might have slept accidentally while reading books which have many many words.

New Planet.🌌

To start our second day of MPU classes, we did a group work assignment on “New Planet”.

It goes like this:

Due to the pollution in the air, the Earth’s ozone layer is way too thin. Days are getting hotter and hotter. In a couple of days, the Earth is going to be too hot for humans to survive. NASA has a rocket that will send people to a new planet so that they can repopulate and the human species will not become extinct… the only problem is the rocket can only take 10 people!!!


Originality of the worksheet

We were asked to seperate into groups of 3 and procced with discussions. My teammates and I has chosen the following 10 people to go to the new planet.

1. 12 year old male, straight A student, wants to be a police officer.

2. 59 year old male, computer technician.

3. 24 year old female, pregnant and expecting twins, teacher.

4. 50 year old female, doctor, cannot have children.

5. 22 year old female, college student, studying the environment.

6. 29 year old female, botanist (studies plants/ trees).

7. 30 year old female, cook, owns her own restaurant.

8. 10 year old male, farmer.

9. 52 year old male, fisherman.

10. 49 year old female, aircraft repairwoman.


After the discussion.

There are certain reasons on why we choose these people:

We would wanna send a botanist and also a college student who studies the environment is because they can study and investigate the environment of the new planet before they start a new living style. We send farmer and fisherman as well because they are those who can provide the source of food like rice, vegetables and fishes. When there is food, the 30 year old female cook can like open a restaurant and maybe start business! 😀

On the other hand, we are sending the 12 year old straight A student along with the 24 year old pregnant teacher. This student might be developing in a good environment where there is a teacher who can increase his intelligence and might as well achieve his dreams. And when this student successfully became a police officer, he can maintain the environment’s safety. Furthermore, the teacher is pregnant and might be having a twins. Not only can she contribute in education, she can also contribute in repopulation in the new environment. In addition, after 20 years, the teacher’s children might get together with the student and it might increase the population in the new environment. Moreover, when there’s pregnant woman, there is a need that we need to send a doctor there as well. Althought this 50 year old female doctor cannot give birth to babies, but she certainly can help out pregnant womans.

Next, we will be sending the 59 year old computer technician and also the 49 year old aircraft repairwoman. We might need some technologies and also someone who knows how to repair aircrafts so that there’s some teachnologies and it is easier for them to repair the aircrafts.

My teammates and I might have chosen what others didn’t, cause everyone has their own perspective and will choose different people to be sent to the new planet. Some of the classmates did presetations on the stage which is kinda funny HAHAHAHAHA! I wonder what will we have for MPU classes tmrw hehe πŸ˜‚πŸ™†

Identify learning style.

A very weird assignment, but I’m willing to give it a try! 😀πŸ’ͺ


Draw what you see.


Draw what you hear.


Follow and draw.

According to the lecturer, these drawings were categorized to different style of learning.

“If you can find anyone who’s drawings is the same as your’s, then you can be in the same study group.” -Mr Khairi

My personality test.

My very first assignment on my blog heh. We were told to take this personality test and asked to post it lol. Here are the results of it ⬇


Data of the personality test. πŸ“Š


A little bit of overview of it.

Results said that I’m an ENTJ, which is Extraverted, iNtuition, Thinking, Judging.


ENTJs are strategic, organized and posses natural leadership qualities.

ENTJs are natural born leaders. They live a world of possibilities where they see all sorts challenging to be surmounted, and they want to be the ones responsible for surmounting them.


Career πŸ˜‚

To be honest, I don’t think it is true tho. I’m organised but doesn’t mean I can be a future leader or something. I don’t really believe in tests like this because it has a lot of bias in it heh. πŸ™…πŸ™ˆ

-sorry cause I study psychology βœ‹